We have been following all Web Or video conferences, in resident rooms since last Monday, from a private television channel that we have set up. The reactions and comments of our residents are very favorable to this approach.

Even if you don’t see them, know that there are several residents who participate sitting comfortably in their rooms. This is a great formula for breaking the isolation of our precious residents during a period of confinement as we know it.

Thank you very much for developing this great solution and if I can help you convince other residences to join these services, they can call me.

Sylvain Talbot – (514) 502-4482 –

The group yesterday told me once again to be “enchanted” by this adapted zumba session. Indeed, it could be read on their faces and was felt in their energy! Well done! Thanks again for being here! For your smile, your good humor and your joie de vivre! “I assure you that it feels good” in here “!!!

Manon, Baie-Saint-Paul

The residents really enjoyed the conference! Thank you for the great initiative!

Sonia Ares, Waterloo

The chair zumba experience was a success with us this morning… the residents really liked it.

Annie, Longueuil

I live in the Shawinigan Campanile Gardens residence. I am writing to you again today to let you know how good your lessons are doing me. Not just physically. You are very professional, inspiring, radiant. Your sense of humor, your communicative smile, the sweetness and warmth of your gaze, your way of living and being in the present moment, your beautiful simplicity and generosity make you a person of incomparable richness. I’m 73, I’m still flexible for my age, and your exercises are helping me stay that way for as long as possible. In these times of pandemic, you are a ray of sunshine in my life. I loved it this morning when you mentioned your granddaughter, and it’s okay if it distracted you. I loved yesterday’s dance class (January 26) with the scarf and the music, what a great time. When you say hello to us at the end of class and approach the camera, I kiss you on my screen (no danger for the virus ha! Ha! Ha!). Long life to you dear Dale and enjoy the rest of your 59 years ha! Ha! Ha! It goes quickly afterwards but each age brings its joys. It’s a matter of attitude of mind.

Sincerely, Diane

Since mid-March you have been trying to keep us in shape and today, May 19, 2020, I want to thank you for your availability, your active, joyful, kind presence providing us with the different activities everything we need to protect us from physical, psychological, social stiffness, by presenting yourself in front of us, privately in our room with so much effort and courage.

Yes, I enjoy those many half hours every day. From time to time, I had to dispense with one or the other, but in general I did them at my own pace, very comfortable, listening to you with music or without music, but always with a smile and as much enthusiasm.

These hours of your presence, each day, were part of the “Confinement” which was obligatory for us all, with a well-defined program leaving everyone the freedom to enjoy it. The proof: we have remained in good health.

Big thank you for being a part of our life!

Raymonde, resident

Last March I was a volunteer at the municipal library, I took classes twice a week with the UTA, my husband and I took social dance classes once a week, I went to active life once a week and a Web Or in Richelieu once a week and overnight everything was closed… .. we were confined to the house, we no longer went out except to go for our daily walk with Balou.

Fortunately, Web Or was available online to fill this great void that life has imposed on us. I want to say thank you for your presence during this difficult time.

This is what I would have to tell you after noon. THANK YOU!